Mergers , acquisitions and assets reconversion

We are the single Romanian company specialized in sectorial merger & acquisition or assets re-conversion for:  agri-business, food operations and renewable energy. We know exactly how to protect our clients, conducting a comprehensive due diligence, targeting directions that might hide the most important troubles:

  • Stocks , stocks value, unitary stock value, relationship between physical stock and its value.
  • Privatization contract and its obligation fulfillment
  • Collective labor contract
  • Litigations and possible litigations
  • Accounting policies and their relevance
  • Environmental aspects, including  conformation programs.
  • Work in progress value and record
  • Payables and receivables more than 50.000 euro related to their maturity and average collection/payment period.
  • Financial structuring health : equity versus debt
  • Any other aspect that might get the attention during our investigation.
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