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Industrial Capital and Engineering ofera solutii de finantare si atragere de capital in domeniul agricol,

He focuses on all aspects of operations, being well-known for its business-oriented and innovative advice. His extensive expertise is related to the following area of practice :

  • Public infrastructure
  • Hotel and spa
  • Renewable energy
  • Agriculture and farming
  • Medical infrastructure
  • Wood processing
  • Cereal processing
  • Sugar and sugar derivates
  • Meat processing
  • Special logistics ( freezing, terminals, railway)
  • Vegetables and fruits processing
  • Milk processing
  • Fish processing
  • Environmental factors

Felix Lucutar MBA, MSc ,Phd on going

Managing partner

Felix is a multi-background expert , widely recognized as one of the leading business advisors in the country, with a holistic expertise in all the agribusiness/food operations or investments, renewable energy, local infrastructure and regional development.

In agribusiness and food business operation , Felix is well known for his professional and creative assistance on merger, acquisition and assets re-conversion, managing this area of practice in our company. He is also responsible for  our engineering department ( see engineering portfolio) and  recognized as one of the top experts in financial structuring using  all the non reimbursable funds. ( see financial structuring  portfolio)

With a passion for education, Felix is conducting his PhD. on food bio-security, being also the author of the first bio-security concept intended for children facilities ( “ Safenology ”) . His professional opinions and articles regularly appear in  media. Felix started his advising career  in 2006, but his previous experience in management includes 10 years spent in top management positions ,from which  7 years as General Manager in one of the largest  food  operation organization . Since beginning 2012, Felix has been working pro-bono as a member of the Prime Minister Business Advising Councill ( CCMA)  .


  • MBA graduation, joint MBA Program delivered by :  University of Ottawa  , HEC ( “ Montreal  Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales “)   and Bucharest Economics Study Academy . ( major in Corporate Finance)
  • MSc graduation, joint MSc. Program  delivered by UQUAM (“University du Quebec a Montreal”) ,ESCM (“Ecole Superieure de Commerce Marseille-Provence”) and Romanian Management Institute of Bucharest. (major in HR Management)